New Frontier Touring News

    April 18, 2019

    The Avett Brothers “Homecoming” at MerleFest

    Concord, North Carolina’s own Avett Brothers will be having a homecoming of sorts, closing out MerleFest on the Watson Stage Sunday afternoon. Only 79 miles from where the Avett’s were born and raised, MerleFest has seen the band of brothers return time and time again. From kids spending time at the festival while their dad, Jim Avett, who is leading this year’s MerleFest Sunday morning gospel hour, to their first appearance as a band in 2004, to their most recent performance which saw record-breaking attendance numbers for the North Carolina festival, the Avett Brothers are attuned to the magic that MerleFest brings out in fans and bands alike. Be sure to see them in their purest element at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.


    April 17, 2019

    The Big Takeover premieres The Harmaleigh’s music video for “Sorry, I’m Busy”

    Today, The Harmaleighs released the music video for their new single “Sorry, I’m Busy” on The Big Takeover. “Sorry, I’m Busy” is a restless, beat-driven track about paralyzing social anxiety, and a fitting introduction to a concept album about mental illness, specifically Haley’s deeply personal journey through anxiety, depression, and mania. The single comes from their upcoming album She Won’t Make Sense, set to come out on August 2nd via Nettwerk. Check out the article and watch the new video here.


    April 15, 2019

    Carlene Carter celebrates the 5th Year Anniversary of her “Carter Girl” album

    This month commemorates the 5th year since Carlene Carter’s “Carter Girl” album was released!  Where does the time go? The album was released to critical acclaim and fanfare. As she recently said: “Carter Girl was my tribute to my family’s musical legacy. It was such a healing thing to do and I felt like I was doing what was asked of me as carrying on the music.”

    As the daughter of country music legends June Carter Cash and Carl Smith, and granddaughter of “Mother” Maybelle Carter of the original historic Carter Family, Carlene said it was her lifelong goal to make this record. “The songs on the album cover three generations of Carter Family music,” she explains. “The original Carter Family(A.P.Sara, and Maybelle); Momma’s ‘Tall Lover Man‘ and Aunt Helen’s ‘Poor Old Heartsick Me‘; then two of mine: ‘Me and the Wildwood Rose‘ and a new song about Momma and John’s passing called ‘Lonesome Valley 2003.’”


    Carlene shares writing credit on “Lonesome” with her great uncle A.P. Carter (recently in


    April 12, 2019

    Lilly Hiatt and John Hiatt cover each other songs for Record Store Day

    Lilly Hiatt partnered up with her father, John Hiatt, to record each other’s songs for a special 7-inch available April 13th (only 1,300 copies were pressed). The elder covers Lilly’s “All Kinds of People,” off her 2017 LP Trinity Lane, while she tackles her dad’s “You Must Go,” from his 1995 album Walk On.

    “I chose ‘You Must Go’ from his album Walk On, which is a special album to me, from a special time in my life, 1995. It has our first dog, Lila, on the cover,” Lilly said.

    Check out the article and hear the songs here.


    April 10, 2019

    Bluegrass Situation Premieres Austin Plaine’s new single “What Once Was”

    Austin Plaine’s new single “What Once Was”, from his upcoming album Stratford, premiered today on The Bluegrass Situation. Of the song, Austin states that “I’m steeped in nostalgia and fortunate to have any memories at all. I look back fondly knowing it will never return.” Stratford comes out May 17, 2019, via Blaster Records.

    Listen to the new single here.


    April 5, 2019

    New Frontier takes over Daddy’s Dogs in Printer’s Alley

    New Frontier Touring took time out today to enjoy America’s true favorite past time – eating delicious hot dogs. Due to the generous size of Daddy’s Dogs, the current company record for hot dog eating is an 8-way tie… at one.  While we might not be successful participating in the 2019 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, we were successful at having a great lunch break from the office.




    Philly’s The Key Premieres Dave Hause’s New Single “Fireflies”

    Dave Hause released the single, “Fireflies,” from his upcoming album Kick. “All of that has moved the already-ruminative Hause into exceptionally inward-directed territory, and “Fireflies” — with its lyrics about faded photographs and sneaking into a golf course to down boxed wine — finds Hause returning to the point of his life, and all of ours, when there were fewer stressors in our day-to-day and time moved much, much slower.”

    Read the article and hear the song here.



    March 29, 2019

    The Harmaleighs Named Lightning 100’s DJ Pick of the Week

    Lightning 100’s DJ Casey named The Harmaleighs new single, “Sorry I’m Busy” as her DJ pick of the week. On the song, she states, “The upbeat, almost punk track about social anxiety reflects the theme of the LP that will explore topics of mental illness, something very personal to Haley Grant.” The single comes from their recently announced sophomore effort She Won’t Make Sense, out later this year via Nettwerk.

    Check out the article and hear the song here.


    March 27, 2019

    Summer Cannibals Joins Tiny Engines + New Album Summer 2019

    NFT is proud to announce that Summer Cannibals has joined the Tiny Engines family. The label will release the band’s fourth full-length this summer.

    The band has spent an unhealthy amount of time on the road, earning accolades and adding plenty of fresh converts to their highly-charged, no frills attack. With the band’s line up solidified now by long time drummer Devon Shirley alongside the additions of rippers Cassi Blum on guitar and Ethan Butman on bass they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

    Read more about the band and check out their upcoming tour dates here.


    March 21, 2019

    Entertainment Weekly Premieres Dave Hause’s New Single “Saboteurs”

    Today, Dave Hause released the second single, “Saboteurs,” from his upcoming album Kick. The track shows how simply choosing to weather the storm with people you love can be an act of strength. “Instead of checking out, let’s resolve to try and get inside the building and change it ourselves a little bit–  almost like a little drop of dye in the water–  and hope that our choices end up changing it within the structure,” says Hause, about the concept behind the tune.

    Read the article and hear the song here.