Cowboy Mouth


For Cowboy Mouth, the road goes on forever.

Now approaching their third decade together, the New Orleans-based rockers continue to cement their reputation as celebratory, electrifying road warriors. They’ve played more than 2,500 shows to 10 million fans, mixing the party-friendly punch of their hometown with a raw, rock & roll foundation along the way. From the opening riff of the band’s signature song, “Jenny Says,” to the furious percussion supplied by the group’s drummer, spokesperson, and larger-than-life frontman, Fred LeBlanc, Cowboy Mouth’s shows remain the stuff of legend. “It’s a Southern gospel revival without the religion,” says LeBlanc, who’s happy to supply his nightly congregation of rock & roll sinners and holy rollers— from the 100,000 people who watched the band open for Aerosmith at Jazz Fest 2018, to the densely-packed audiences that fill the band’s club and theater shows across the country — with a reminder that rock & roll music doesn’t just swagger and stomp. It saves.



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