Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival

  • Agent Trip Brown

  • Record Label Skate Mountain Records

  • Management Jon Sidel

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Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival


Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival is a blues/rock band from Mobile, Alabama. As the front man, Jimmy Lumpkin makes music that reverberates through the storied freshwater rivers and backwoods of his quiet town. Sometimes the songs run deep and resonant, and other times the power is in their near-stillness. “The Best One” is Lumpkin’s next track off of his forthcoming 2017 album project. Heartbreaking and melancholy, it conjures the human pangs of being alone, yet the song never cries for attention. In other words, “The Best One” is the perfect introduction to Jimmy Lumpkin, the artist. Never dramatic, he teaches us that emotions are what we need to exist as humans in this world.

A quiet soul filled with humility and kindness, Lumpkin is refreshingly progressive. He writes his songs in a cabin just outside of a town rife with Southern history and racial diversity. Though he braves his thoughts in as much solitude as possible, he knows that our world is embroiled by conflict. Jimmy knows the culture wars, the destruction of nature, and the injustices seen right outside our doorsteps. If there’s anything that he can do to combat the rot of his Earth’s roots, it’s to write about them and make music that heals humankind.



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