Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari

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Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari


Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari (KAVHS) is a Brooklyn-based Afro Electro collaboration between Nigerian artist Kahli Abdu and production duo VHS Safari, which consists of D.C. natives David and Will.  The collaboration came to life while the group worked on their debut album A.R.T. Project during a long, cold winter in a Brooklyn-basement studio while dreaming of taking their music to warmer places.  A.R.T. Project blends 90’s hip hop beats and indie pop synthesizers with the rhythms, beautiful melodies, guitar and driving percussion that encompass music from Africa.  Kahli’s combination of rapping and singing tie everything together with personal stories, and meaningful observations on the beauty and struggles in the world.

KAVHS performed all over the east coast of the US in support of A.R.T. Project before embarking on a 3 month journey to Lagos, Nigeria in the spring of 2015 where they signed a deal with Chocolate City Music, one of the largest record labels in Africa.  The group performed, worked in the studio with some of the Nigeria’s most popular artists, had the video for their song “On This Side” in rotation on TV stations all over Africa, and did numerous TV and radio interviews . On the heels of their journey, KAVHS is back in the studio in NYC working on new music with fresh inspiration, and are back on the show circuit displaying their electric live performance.  When performing live KAVHS electronically trigger samples of guitars, synthesizers and percussion with live drums embellished by other live instrumentation for a one of a kind, high energy, eclectic show.



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