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Sun Parade


Sun Parade formed in Northampton, Massachusetts, where kids skinny dip in the Mill River and smoke on the tobacco farms on the flood plains. The music scene here is legendary. Even now, touring venues and festivals across the U.S., the Sun Parade lads are most satisfied when their music conjures a Route 9 basement show somewhere along the fold of the map that delivered Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies — a cellar in which everyone is sweaty and dancing and in love or something like it, and by 3 a.m. the rhythm section is shaking the house and you can’t tell the band from the crowd.


Sun Parade Premieres New Video “Cheer Up”
Sun Parade Releases Summer Single “Braindrain”
Sun Parade Named One of the Best Up and Coming Rock Bands for 2017
Sun Parade Featured on NPR For Track “Hearts Out”


Date City Venue
Dec 23 New Haven, CT Manic Mondays – Cafe Nine

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