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Yellow Dubmarine


Washington D.C. based Yellow Dubmarine blurs the lines of “tribute” with their whole heartedly original take on the beloved catalog of the boys from Liverpool. Naturally the first album that Yellow Dubmarine will tackle, released in fall 2011, is the last recorded by the Fab Four – Abbey Road, or should we say Abbey Dub…

“There was a natural vision for it,” they explain, “It is more of a concept album, and we knew it would be the perfect place to start.”

Horns where there were once voices, a slinky groove where there was once none, and a smooth mellow essence that seems to find the long lost island-roots soul of Abbey Road. It is quite simply a chance to hear the much loved classic album again…for the first time.

  • Voted as one of the Top 25 Albums of 2011 by Endless Boundaries Radio
  • “Yellow Dubmarine does a wonderful job of accomplishing their intended mission without ever resorting to clichés or taking the easy way out. Rearranging music this well known and having it come off this natural-sounding is quite a piece of work. To offer it as your debut album? That’s just crazy — crazy good, though.” –



Date City Venue
Dec 22 Washington, DC The Hamilton
Dec 31 Columbia, MD The Soundry

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