March 28, 2018

Mississippi House of Representatives Proclaims March 27 Paul Thorn Day!

Tupelo’s own Paul Thorn, once an internationally ranked boxer and former furniture manufacturer employee and currently a singer/songwriter, was honored Tuesday in the Mississippi House. Tuesday March 27 was proclaimed “Paul Thorn Day” at the state Capitol. The 53-year-old Americana, Southern rock, blues singer, spoke to the House chamber and met and greeted people on the first floor of the Capitol before giving a short concert.  Referencing his own upbringing in Northeast Mississippi and the influence of different relatives on his life, Thorn told the House members he believes “nobody is all good and nobody is all bad so give everybody a chance.”

Thorn said as he tours, he also brags about his home state.  “I’m proud to be from Mississippi,” he said.

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