May 7, 2019

Museum Exhibition Puts Scott Avett’s Visual Art in the Spotlight

There are a lot of great minds making roots music today, and sometimes music alone isn’t enough to fully channel their creativity. The Avett Brothers’ Scott Avett, for one, has been painting all along, and the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh will be showing 20 years of his work this fall.

Even as the spotlight has shone brightly on The Avett Brothers’ music for the past two decades, Scott Avett has been making another kind of art all the while. His visual art — paintings and prints that explore his own busy mind, often at a gigantic scale — is getting its first solo museum exhibition this fall.

The Scott Avett: I N V I S I B L E exhibition will run Oct. 12, 2019 – Feb. 2, 2020.  A catalog of the exhibition, featuring key artwork, sketchbook pages, and interviews and essays about Avett’s work, will be available for purchase online.