May 7, 2019

New Avett Brothers Song Featured in Upcoming Documentary

The Avett Brothers recently released the single “Sun, Flood, or Drought,” an optimistic new track composed for the documentary film The Biggest Little Farm, which will be released in select theaters on May 10th. With the delicately melodic folk tune, the Avetts follow the persevering theme of the film, about a couple that trades the hustle of city life to transform a barren 200-acre plot of land outside Los Angeles into a thriving farm.

Ushered in by pastoral banjo rolls, brothers Scott and Seth Avett gently harmonize the opening line, “What we are a part of is bigger than we know, and the height of our ability is further than we go.” Lyrically, the song continues with the sentiment about beating the odds, while in an accompanying video, snapshots of the hard work and ultimate rewards of the lengthy back-to-the-land efforts depicted in the film unfold.

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