August 10, 2016

Riders In The Sky Perform Their 7,000th Career Performance!

Riders In The Sky “turned over the odometer” once again, clocking their 7,000th appearance on August 6th, in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  In a career of 38 and 3/4 years, that comes to an average of just a fraction over 180 dates a year.  “A triumph of stubbornness” proclaimed founding member Ranger Doug, who attributes their longevity to a deep commitment to the music of the west, and kids who are still in high school and college.  Keeping the same lineup for all those years is an almost unheard of rarity outside of family bands, and the Riders attribute their ability to get along to getting separate hotel rooms on the road.  Like the Kansas state motto:  Ad astra per aspera.