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From sibling connections and childhood friendships to boy band grooming and road-weary touring, the story of the St. Louis-based quartet Hounds, just may be the epitome of rock-and-roll success in the 21st century. As highschoolers, Jordan Slone and his younger brother, Logan, assembled their first working group, recruiting longtime friend and drummer Logan Mohler to form Clockwork in 2010.  Within two years, they were touring clubs and making festival appearances throughout a 30-state region, supporting notable artists such as Blues Traveler, Andy Grammer, and O.A.R.  

The group’s style began to divert toward pop-centric, leading Logan Slone to branch off, and Jack McCoy to join as the band’s new bass player. It wasn’t long before Clockwork became Hounds, and adopted a more aggressive brand of rock, laced with rich and resounding harmonies, that they infused into their newly released self-titled LP of tracks. The three triumphed in TopGolf’s national band competition, Who Will Rock You?, scoring an artist development and album deal with major label BMG. Logan Slone was welcomed back into the band, finding his place as the ensemble’s keyboardist. Built on vibrant, ringing harmonies and concentrated, muscular riffs, the four crafted a forward-moving, immediate, and pulsing collection of songs ranging from greasy rumble-seat rock to up-to-the-minute, angst ridden modern musings.    



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