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Joey Landreth Trio


Winnipeg,  Canada–Success  is a mystical pursuit;  a blend of timing, talent,  good fortune, dedication and hard  work.A break in the schedule of award  winning roots-rockers The Bros. Landreth offered  Joey Landreth a chance to step forward and test  the creative waters with is 2017 debut solo album  Whiskey. It proved to be a very potent recipe. Whiskey was  an extension of the kind of eclectic, aurally pleasing, and deeply  meaningful songs produced by the band, but accentuated and amplified by  Joey Landreth’s dynamic guitar stylings as well as his passionate vocal performances.  The album and subsequent touring earned rave reviews from critics and fans, show casing Joey  Landreth as a songwriter, vocalist, musician and performer in his own right. With his one-of-a-kind  guitar prowess, charming on and off-stage demeanour, the sincerity and authenticity of his words and music,  every piece of music Landreth composes with carry with it his unmistakably evocative and melodic hallmarks. Seeking  a new creative challenge, Landreth recently stepped out of the proverbial comfort,writing a great deal of music completely  on his own, as well as alongside the precariously talented young songwriter/producer Roman Clarke. It is a bold step, but one  that he has approached with great relish and excitement.“I would often write on my own, even for The Bros. Landreth, but I would  usually get about 50 to 75 percent of the way through a song and bring it to my brother and we would work on it together from there.

 For this new project, I am trying not to do any of that, because I wanted to know what it was like to push through that barrier when I  got stuck on my own. What does the song sound like when I try to learn on my own, if I pushed myself through and so far,the result is songs  that sound a bit different, which is kind of interesting,” he said. “I am also writing with Roman, who is producing the record with me. I truly believe  he is a rising star because he is young, but an insanely talented multi-instrumentalist. His band opened for us and I was inspired by his work ethic and his  musicianship and just his whole vibe. His sensibilities are totally different than mine. He has taken me places I might not normally go.”But fear not, it’s not  a radical departure, simply a broadening of horizons and an opportunity for personal and creative growth. The results of Landreth’s labors are going to be road tested  during upcoming touring and an upcoming album release. When Landreth is on the road, he is doing what he does best, entertaining audiences with his soulful musical storytelling  and infectiously emotive melodies. As engaging a performer as you will ever encounter, it took a little while for Landreth to overcome the trepidations of touring solo or with  new band mates. The Whiskey tour took Landreth across Canada, USA, and Europe. Landreth has said that there will be a new The Bros. Landreth album coming out later in 2019. In the meantime,  fans of Joey Landreth will not have to wait long to bear witness to his stirring solo shows as he embarks again on a full touring schedule, and he finishes off the final touches on his  yet to be titled new album. It promises to be a wonderful opportunity to hear the next stage in the evolution of a truly remarkable artist, one who possesses the rare ability to connect to  people through his melodies, through his lyrics, and through his riveting performances.

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