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2021 JUNO Award Nominees, Rum Ragged, take a bold approach to the distinct folk music of

their home, the Eastern Canadian island of Newfoundland. With a reverence for their roots and

a creative, contemporary edge, this young band has quickly become known as the finest

performers of their great, living, musical tradition. Boasting bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran, banjo,

guitar, and button accordion, these new champions of East Coast music enliven and enlighten

audiences with their signature brand of Newfoundland folk. Always honest, thought-provoking,

and often humorous, it’s Rum Ragged’s live show that makes them a fast favourite with any

audience. Their combination of striking vocal harmonies, staggering musicianship, and

captivating storytelling gives concert-goers an experience they won't soon forget. Since

their inception in 2016, Rum Ragged has maintained a rigorous tour schedule, performing at

some of the world’s premier folk, celtic and roots venues all while managing to record four

acclaimed, award-winning studio albums. Rum Ragged is not your run-of-the-mill folk band,

they are the genuine article.

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