August 18, 2021

Cast Members from ‘Swept Away’ Perform The Avett Brothers’ “Murder In The City”

Recently, the production team for the upcoming musical Swept Away, a musical set to the music of The Avett Brothers, shared a preview with a cast performance of Murder In The City.

A description of Swept Away reads,

1888, off the coast of New Bedford, MA. When a violent storm sinks their whaling ship, the four surviving souls—a young man in search of adventure, his older brother who has sworn to protect him, a captain at the end of a long career at sea, and a worldly first mate who has fallen from grace—each face a reckoning: How far will I go to stay alive? And can I live with the consequences?

Swept Away is set to open at the Rep’s Peet’s Theatre in Berkeley, CA on January 9th, 2022. To see the beautiful performance and find out more about Swept Away, click here.