March 24, 2022

Rodney Crowell Announces the Return of “It Starts With A Song” Songwriting Camp for 2022

Returning to the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, TN for four days, Rodney Crowell’s It Starts With A Song is an event for songwriters, players, lyricists, and music-lovers of all ages, levels, interests, and tastes! The event is set to take place August 25th – 29th, 2022.

In a personal invitation to songwriters, Rodney reflects, “I’ve learned quite a bit over the previous camps about what people’s expectations are and how I might best facilitate those needs and expectations. All the craft and technique is there to be taken home if you want it. We’ll talk about the fine art of self-editing and the philosophy of rhyme schemes. But I’ve learned that many attendees come to the camp simply with a need to express themselves, a need to be heard. People have dreams and sometimes the finer points of songwriting is a lot to digest when you just have a dream of doing it. I don’t want to hit you over the head with everything I’ve learned in 45 years. Instead, I want you to share what you’re trying to express and then my faculty and I will see if we can help you frame it.”

To read Rodney’s full invitation, or to register, go to the official website below: