October 16, 2018

Woody Paul Presents Acuff Fiddle to Ketch Secor in Moving Opry Moment

It was a true Opry Moment Saturday night at the Opry’s 93rd birthday celebration and performance.
Woody Paul gave an obviously stunned and delighted Old Crow Medicine Show‘s Ketch Secor a fiddle Roy Acuff had given Woody when he was 16.

“I used to hang around the Opry when I was a kid, and I had a three dollar Sears and Roebuck fiddle,” Woody told the packed house. “Roy said ‘You need a better fiddle,’ and gave me this. I figure if Roy was here tonight he’d approve.”

With that, Woody called Ketch to the mic and said “It’s a birthday party, and I want to give you a present,” and handed the fiddle to Ketch. The audience, witnessing a teeny tiny bit of history, audibly gasped. “Ketch is one of the greatest old time fiddlers I’ve ever heard, and I’m glad he’s part of our Opry family carrying on the old time traditions,” said Woody.

“Well…let’s play a tune,” said Ketch, gesturing to the rest of Old Crow Medicine Show to join Riders In The Sky for a bang-up “Sail Away Ladies.” Asking Riders to stay onstage for the Old Crow staple “Wagon Wheel,” Ketch shouted “Old Crow and Riders In The Sky, together at last!!!”

Leaving the stage and heading back to the dressing room, Opry star Trace Adkins‘ resonant baritone rang through the hall as Woody passed by… ”Hey Woody, next time you want to give away a priceless artifact, think of me.”

“Such a great moment,” observed Too Slim. “Nice job Woodrow,” said Joey, the Certified Accordion Player.