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For decades now, musicians and songwriters have flocked to Nashville, Tennessee, in hopes of starting or fortifying their careers in the music industry. Zach Russell, who, subconsciously or not, bucks a number of trends in today’s music world, found the opposite to be true. It wasn’t until moving away from Music City U.S.A. that Russell inked his first record deal with tenacious indie label Thirty Tigers. 


For seven years in Nashville, Russell studied how fellow writers and performers were approaching their craft, even spending a stint on the road as Tyler Childers’ merchandise manager. Getting a firsthand look at precisely what it takes to chase down greatness, Russell believed he could achieve it as well. But ultimately, taking a breather from Nashville brought clarity—and lots of songs—to the East Tennessee-based artist, and got the ball rolling on what would become Russell’s debut full-length album, Where The Flowers Meet The Dew out Dec 1st. 

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