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And the Western Heritage Award goes to...

Many a high five, whoop, and holler on Harmony Ranch as the Western Heritage Honorees for 2024 have just been announced.

And who’s picking up the prestigious Wrangler award for Original Western Composition this go-round? You got it, Saddlepal!

Original Western Composition “The Shelter of the Wildwood,” recording artist Riders In The Sky, composed by Douglas Green.

The Wrangler-awarded song appears on our latest album Throw a Saddle on a Star, which remains camped out at Number One on the Western Music Chart for yet another month.

An ebullient Ranger Doug offered this comment:

“While I am profoundly honored to accept this award in April, it would never have happened without the love, support, teamwork, and skills of my three incredible partners.  It may just have my name on it, but this was a team effort all the way."

Too Slim chimed in with “Our Ranger is one of the premier Western songwriters of the past 50 years. His work needs to be appreciated and celebrated and I’m just so darn happy the Wrangler is headed for his mantlepiece."

Throw a Saddle on a Star, featuring the Wrangler Award winning The Shelter of the Wildwood, is now available on CD and streaming wherever streaming is being streamed.


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