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Congrats, Ranger Doug!

Ranger Doug, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Riders In The Sky, picked up his Wrangler Award for Best Original Western Music Composition last weekend at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. 

“The Idol of American Youth” treated the hundreds of gala attendees with a solo rendition of his winning song, Shelter of the Wildwood, currently featured on Riders In The Sky's latest album, Throw a Saddle on a Star, which resides these days at #2 on the Western Music Chart.

“It was great,’ the Ranger reported upon returning to Harmony Ranch. “The best part was seeing (his wife) Desi just light up. She didn’t know it was such a big deal. Really fun.”

What’s ahead for the Ranger and Riders? “We’re hitting the road for the next few weeks. Texas, the great Northwest, California, Arizona, on and on.” Will his award winning tune be included on future Riders’ set lists?” “You know it!”

Left to Right: John Cunningham, Eli Barsi, Big Honkin’ Wrangler Award, Ranger Doug, a pleased and proud Desi.


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