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New Single: Adeem the Artist Releases "Socialite Blues"

[American Songwriter]

Adeem the Artist will release their upcoming full-length Anniversary on May 3rd. Watch the official video for “Socialite Blues” below.

In “Socialite Blues,” Adeem the Artist combines a classic Piedmont Blues chord progression with a lively New Orleans-style horn section to create the kind of sound that is bound to make listeners sway along with the rhythm and tap their feet.

Lyrically, this song celebrates the virtues of staying in, listening to good tunes, and recharging one’s social battery with someone special. Adeem’s smooth vocals combined with the bluesy backdrop make this song nearly perfect for just such an occasion.

About the song, Adeem the Artist exclusively told American Songwriter that they “Found these Blind Boy Fuller records hidden under a loose floorboard in the back closet at my grandfather’s house.” They then used those records as the blueprint for this tune. “Took them chords and played ‘em like a 7 at 33 and wrote a song about pining for all the parties getting canceled,” they explained.


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