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The Pink Stones Release New Album

The Pink stones new album, You Know Who, is out now via New West Records. The band's sophomore album features Nikki Lane, Teddy and the Rough Riders, John James Tourville of the Deslondes, and Annie Leeth.

“This record was me trying to take everything I love as a listener and a player and shove it all into one thing without it sounding random,” says Hunter Pinkston, former punk turned cosmic country auteur, describing You Know Who, the boisterous, ambitious sophomore album by his band The Pink Stones. Ostensibly they play country music, yet all the pedal steel sobs, the two-steppin’ rhythms, twangy harmonies, and lyrics about broken hearts and long days on the road are launchpads for wild experiments and unexpected stylistic forays. “There’s obviously a lot of country and rock in our music, but there’s a lot of gospel and soul and psych and dub. I really wanted to get all of those things living peacefully together in one record.

Listen to the album here.

Purchase the album here.


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