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The Quebe Sisters Prepare for Upcoming Hiatus with "Bye, For Now" Tour

[Michael J. Media Group]

DALLAS, TEXAS (June 12, 2023) – Even the hardest working road warriors, the relentless fiddles-to-the-grindstone performers need a break. That includes neo-traditionalist western swing trio The Quebe Sisters – siblings Grace, Sophia, and Hulda. After 23 years of touring North America, Europe, and Russia, these modern-day beacons of country and western swing are taking a hiatus.

The trio’s current tour, dubbed “Bye, For Now,” wraps up at the end of 2023. After that? Well, as Sophia says, it is, “much-needed R&R and time off the road. For now, we are taking an undetermined hiatus. This isn’t retirement for us, just a nice break.”

It is certainly a well-earned respite. The Dallas-based Quebe Sisters have steadfastly, completely free of frivolous fanfare, elevated the country and western swing genres for more than two decades. The talented sisters merge three-part harmony and triple fiddles to put a youthful, jubilant spin on Bob Wills’ classic sound. In their own unassuming yet musically turbo-powered way, The Quebe Sisters stretched the boundaries of an old-timey style and made it newly relevant for fans of all generations.

Along the way, The Quebe Sisters recorded four acclaimed studio albums – 2003’s Texas Fiddlers, 2007’s Timeless, 2014’s Every Which-A-Way, and 2019’s The Quebe Sisters – that serve as sonic proof that these ladies are fearless interpreters and innovators.

“Bob Wills was all about experimentation – melding just about every style he heard,” says Grace. “He hired the best musicians playing regionally traditional instruments, as well as players interested in experimenting on what were the cutting-edge instruments of the day. This spirit formed what we today call western swing, and it needs to be an ingredient in current iterations of western swing to keep the style fresh and vibrant for the present and future. So, for us it’s authentic to the style to introduce our own originals.”

There is still plenty of time to bask in those Quebe originals onstage. Grace, Sophia, and Hulda have dates in the books through October 2023. More dates will be announced soon. For a detailed list of concert performances, check out their website. Do these ladies wish fans would come out in droves to catch them onstage before they take a little downtime?

Hulda doesn’t hesitate to answer: “Yes! We hope our fans will have a chance to come out and see us as we wrap up our touring through the end of 2023.”

The “Bye, For Now” tour already includes a handful of Texas dates, which is no surprise since the Quebe siblings grew up in Texas surrounded by fiddles, bows, microphones, stages, and western swing tunes. Texas is the very reason Grace, Sophia, and Hulda ended up playing triple fiddle, Grace says. But in true trailblazing fashion, Texas couldn’t contain such immense talent and dedication. The Quebe Sisters took their sound beyond the boundaries of the Lone Star state and into the rest of this country and other countries as well.

That makes their farewell (for now) message more resonant. Collectively, The Quebe Sisters express their sincere gratitude: “We want to thank our family, friends, and our behind-the-scenes team that have supported us for so many years. Most of all, we want to thank you, our extremely loyal, diehard fans for following us and coming to our shows. Y’all are truly one of a kind and we appreciate you so, so much.”

Modern, creative, and talented women that stretch the boundaries of country and western swing music become beacons. But even bright lights need a recharge. For The Quebe Sisters, it’s time to pause the relentless pace of those triple fiddles-to-the-grindstone. But rest assured that we haven’t heard the last of these powerhouse women.

Connect with The Quebe Sisters on social media: Like the trio’s Facebook page, follow their Instagram and Twitter pages, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Also, check out The Quebe Sisters website for pics, tour info, and merch on Grace, Sophia, and Hulda.

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